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On Your Own Terms

TinyFollow lets you stay up to date without wasting hours on the internet.

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Why TinyFollow?

Technology addiction is real and the biggest culprit is the endless feed of information. What if only the important information is delivered to you, based on your predefined schedule?

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Get Organized

Create multiple newsletters. One for your friends, one for your community, and maybe one for your favorite news outlet.

Stay Current

Select how often you want to be notified for each newsletter. You'll only be notified if there's new content.

Fine Tune

Change the frequency, select the category, exclude keywords, likes, and retweets. Snooze or unfollow anytime. You're in full control.

Built for Productivity & Well-Being

Use TinyFollow to get the most out of these platforms. Stay connected with the people and topics that matter to you, without wasting hours on the internet.

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From breaking news and entertainment to sports and politics.

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Follow your favorite blogs and news outlets.

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Try TinyFollow and see the difference.