Get Started

To get the most out of TinyFollow, try the following:

  1. Start by following 5 people.

    Connect with your Twitter account and follow 5 of your favorite people.

  2. Check out our recommendations on who to follow.

    You can find people by tags you’re interested in. Sort by follower count, location, joined date, etc. If you have any suggestions, tweet us @tinyfollowcom.

  3. Fine tune and take control.

    If you don't like what you're receiving, make adjustments. Try daily, weekly, exclude retweets, and quoted tweets. If everything else fails, you can unfollow anytime.

  4. Learn Gmail settings and shortcuts.

    On Android, open Gmail > Settings > General settings > Auto-advance > Change to "Newer" or "Older."

    On Chrome Gmail:

    • Settings > General > Auto-advance: > Change to "Go to the next (newer) conversation" or "Go to the previous (older) conversation."
    • (Optional) Settings > General > Keyboard shortcuts > Keyboard shortcuts on.

    (This will enable you to go through the emails like Instagram/Snapchat Stories.)

  5. Currently, only the Twitter integration is available but we will be releasing other integrations soon. Have fun and stay productive!